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First Kizomba class

We want to make your introduction to Kizomba dancing as enjoyable as possible, so we run a class especially for you - the Absolute Beginners' Kizomba Class in which we gently ease you into the basics of Kizomba dancing.

  • ENJOY yourself rather than worrying about how quickly you are learning
  • It's not a race - Don't try too hard!
  • Feel free to ask questions from the teacher and other fellow students
  • Guys, don't worry, we get lots of men dancing nowadays - you won't be the only one!
Practising Kizomba
  • Go over and over the very basic steps until you can do them without thinking.
  • AIM TO PRACTISE FOR 30 SECONDS EVERY DAY - little and often works best - and is easier to fit into a busy schedule.
  • Keep it simple - - only practise things you can remember well from the class.
  • Avoid moving classes too soon. This is especially important for men, as they are leading.
Kizomba as exercise

Kizomba not only feels and looks good, but it also improves your physical strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. You can get a real high from dancing, and in the stressful world we live in this natural high is a TREASURE.

Kizomba provides good aerobic exercise with less strain on the joints than higher impact activities - e.g. jogging. You exercise aerobically when you feel a mild level of exertion - i.e. feel warm, start sweating, feel your heart and pulse rates up, but not such that you can't carry on a conversation. Most averagely fit people achieve this when dancing Kizomba. Experts advise that aerobic exercise should be done for at least 20 minutes, 2-3 times a week.

Kizomba and your health

Dancing is generally very good for your body - and Kizomba dancing in particular can greatly improve your flexibility in the hips and lower back. However, if you have any health considerations it may be useful to discuss them with your doctor before you start Kizomba dancing. You may also wish to mention this to your Kizomba teachers.

Always take care when starting to do a new movement, that your body is not yet used taking. Take things easy to start with. It is especially important to listen to your body and not to ignore any pain. This is our body's way of letting us know something is wrong. Use it as a guide to avoid injury or exacerbation of an existing problem.

May your Kizomba dance experience be enjoyable...and FUN too!

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