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About Us

We are a group of people who are committed to having FUN, socializing and keeping fit. We are simply KIZOMBA LOVERS!!! Some of us grew up within like our main Instructor HERNANI MANGOPE; he is an angolan national and has been dancing all his life and teaching Kizomba for several years in UK, Spain, Sweden, France, Portugal, etc and more recently in Egypt! Hernani has a unique way of transmitting the joy and enthusiasm that Kizomba dance brings. Other members love the music and dance, hence have adopted the Kizomba culture.

We set up this group to promote Kizomba dance and music where ever it's happening - where ever there is someone ready to listen and willing to have FUN. See the "What's on" page for information on Kizomba related events in the UK.

We invite you to join us on this journey of FUN and HAPPINESS, through a romantic, sensual and attractive dance, enjoying the music and sharing with us this passion for dancing.

Kizomba Origins

Kizomba originated in Angola and has always been very popular there. It rapidly spread to Portugal and all Lusophone countries (Brazil, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Sao Tome, Guine-Bissau). In the last 10-15 years Kizomba has spread to most countries in Europe and virtually everywhere else in the world!

As it spreads through different cultures, some differences start to emerge in the way it is danced and sung – giving it a “local accent”, if you think of dancing as a language. As Kizomba develops, it carries the ‘stamp’ of the person that interprets the music through dance and recently we have noticed Kizombeiros (those who dance Kizomba) innovating and creating their own style. That style could be influenced by Tango, Lambada, Zouk and other dance styles. There seems to be no shortage of last minute made up 'Kizomba' styles, especally in cyber space (Utube and similar sites).

Kizomba Music

There is a world of kizomba music to listen to, and an increasing number of Kizomba and Latin based venues playing and holding Kizomba classes. It is our pleasure to introduce you to this new culture. If you want to buy music or just a list of suggested performers to dance to, please do contact us.

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